Turn Media Into a Mobile Brand Experience

Reveel extends the impact of your existing visual media – in print, online and on TV – and measures audience response. Turn every ad and all your visual content into opportunities for deeper engagement and mobile commerce!

The New High Bar for High Intent

Reveel attracts the highest intent audience starting with their very first interaction with your media. When consumers Reveel images and video, advertisers are assured of only reaching an audience specifically motivated to engage with your brand.

Zero Click Fraud

Advertisers consistently receive full value every time their media is Reveeled, with no instance of human or machine click fraud, because every audience interaction with your visual media is performed without unintended interaction with banner ads, pop-ups or unauthorised content.

Customize Companion Content

Once an individual Reveels your media, you control what content is featured on the mobile landing page, including links to multiple content sources, so there is no limit to how you can interact with consumers. For example, Reveel a magazine ad and display an informational video, links to product reviews, coupons, your mobile commerce site or nearby store locator.

Use Reveel-it or Your Own App

Use the Reveel-it app or you own app powered by the Reveel SDK to recognize visual media on any mobile device that runs iOS™ or Android™.