Invite readers to explore, learn and buy


Shop, get info and mobile coupons

[direct mail]

Shop, get info and mobile coupons


Turn browsing into buying

[TV programs]

Create actionable entertainment

[social media]

Share the same experience across channels


Make ads and programs interactive


Make all your images interactive


Connect with consumers wherever they see your brand

[in-store ads]

Connect with consumers wherever they see your brand

Reveel makes media interactive

Reveel is the first company to help brands and media outlets increase revenue and audience engagement by adding an interactive experience to all forms of visual media. Create your Reveel experience once. Publish it across media channels. View it on mobile and desktop devices.

Invite audiences to explore, learn and buy

Snap a photo of print and TV programs or click on your favorite digital media. Reveel has products to make it all interactive.

Convert inspiration into action

Reveel’s customizable landing pages for mobile and desktop seize the moment of audience inspiration to share richer storytelling, more information and the ability to purchase products online. Include videos and photos, surveys, games, chat, click-to-call, sign-up, a store locator, coupons and more.

Measure media performance

Receive complete details of every audience interaction, including total page views, clicks by CTA and media channel.

No additional creative or programming required

Anyone can create a Reveel landing page online using our eye-catching templates or we can build one for you. Upload your image or video media file and we’ll digitally fingerprint it without applying codes or watermarks. Add links to digital content curated from your authorized sources. Update, edit or swap out content anytime.

Try Reveel for free

Try Reveel for free on any media campaign or magazine. If you like, we’ll even work our magic to curate content for your landing pages and put them all together so you don’t have to lift a finger. See for yourself how Reveel can turn all your media in to an interactive experience that increases engagement and revenue.

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